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Monday, October 21 2019 @ 04:19 PM CDT

TNTS Review: SDCC Exclusive Buzz Lightyear


Scotty Cash got his hands on the San Diego Comic Con exclusive version of Mattel's 3 3/4" Buzz Lightyear! Click through to read his review!


We are going to go right on ahead and start with the Buzz out of his package (Don’t worry; I will come back to it.) I know, I know – you’ve got to START with the box/packaging!   “NO I DON’T!” says the Cash! 


The first things I notice when pulling Buzz from the box are the wonderful colors on Buzz Lightyear’s space suit and his rosy red cheeks. He comes with his hands on his hips and his left leg up like he is putting it on something. First impressions are a big deal… especially in the dating game. These are the same wonderful colors we love about him from the movies.


WOW… Ok I still have him in the plastic holder which you have to deal with when you take him out of the box and it’s not easy, but with a sharp object and some muscle I finally pulled him free. I always get worried I will break something when I have to pull this hard to get a figure out of the package.


Now that I have him free I went straight for the articulation. Both shoulders? CHECK! Both elbows? CHECK! Both wrists? CHECK (his right hand is bent over and molded that way like he his shooting his laser.) Waist? CHECK! Top of the legs? Well kind of. They only move back and forth but we will give that to him because he can fly (aka…FALLING WITH STYLE). Both knees? CHECK! Both ankles? NOT CHECK! As a matter of fact they don’t move at all, and I am pretty sure his right leg is longer than his left leg, which makes him real hard to stand since the ankles don’t move. That’s a big down fall. One more thing…helmet? CHECK! It opens and closes!


I am not very happy about his wings. They don’t move. Not even a little bit. I know the box says ‘adult collector’ and most adults are not going to spread Buzz Lightyear's wings (if they did spread) and fly him around the house, but some might want to…and that’s why I said “MOST ADULTS!”


Now on to my favorite part of this SDCC exclusive, and what also makes him an exclusive. His box! I love this box!! First off he comes in a plain black outer box with only the Buzz Lightyear ranger logo on it and the normal mattycollector.com stuff on the back. But the best part is when you take him out of the black box. He comes in a space shuttle just like he did in the movies! Same back! Same Front! Same wings! Same writing! I didn’t know what to expect when I first opened him but I was blown away by it. It’s a sweet looking box, and because of his silly legs I will be putting him back in the box and displaying him that way.


Before we get to the closing of Buzz I wanted to tell you why this is the variant Buzz Lightyear. You see, apparently there was a misunderstanding or someone was trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes, but Matty announced that the SDCC exclusive Buzz Lightyear had “Andy” written on his right foot and that’s what made him the exclusive. But, it turns out only a few actually had the “Andy” written on the foot and people didn’t find that out till they paid for him, got him home and opened him. People are not very happy about this, but I’m not sure what can be done at this point. On the variant Buzz’s ship there is a circle on the bottom of the ship which shows the word “Andy” written on his foot, where on the regular version’s box there is no circle.


Over all I like this figure, and I guess my only problems with the Buzz are his wings and his right leg being bigger than his left leg. But I am going to put him back in the box so I can’t have his wings out anyway and his crazy legs won’t matter.


Overall, Scotty Cash Gives it a $$$ out of $$$$$



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