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Friday, December 15 2017 @ 04:18 AM CST

TNTS Review: Transformers RotF Optimus Prime (Voyager Class)


Scotty Cash is here with another written toy review, this time taking a look at the leader of the autobots in the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen voyager class Optimus Prime!


Let’s start with the packaging. He comes in the similar Transformers window box that we all have come to like. But the design on this box is a little different than the older ones. The box is made to fit the movie, so it has THE FALLENS eyes above the plastic window. It also has a picture of Optimus Prime in the bottom right corner with his name and the Autobot logo. It has something that I wasn’t aware of too. It has a advanced conversion meter on the box. This shows how difficult it is to transform the Transformers back and forth. This Optimus is a 3 out of 4. On the back of the box it has a skill rating system. Strength 10 - Intelligence 10 - Speed 7 - Endurance 10 - Rank 10 - Courage 10 - Fireblast 10 - Skill 9   (That's almost as good as Hulk Hogan’s skill ratings)




 Now when opening the box, something caught my eye that I guess I didn’t notice looking at it from the outside. It has the writing from the pyramids plastered on the inside of the box which is sweet. It comes in the standard  plastic with 2 twist ties but this time someone was messing with me and twisted the ties underneath and all around so I couldn’t get him out. After 5 minutes of twisting and trying to untie them I got mad and cut them. Now who is the boss?? (And don't say Tony Danza)



 Now most of the transformers that come in a box like this are in there vehicle mode. I guess so they fit better maybe?? Idunno... In the smaller single carded figures I have noticed that they come transformed in there vehicle mode and/or there robot mode which is kinda neat. First thing I did when I got him all the way out was roll him across the table. TRANSFORMERS!! TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT!! All 6 wheels rolled, and rolled good.


 Now, on to the transformation. WOW!! 20 min later I finally got it. I did it with out the instructions so maybe if you use them you can get it in less than 20 min, but I'm the kind of man that made the wheel out of bronze and steel so I don’t use them. Fifteen min later I had to use the instructions to turn him back into a truck I guess I'm the kind of man who just borrows the neighbor’s wheels. 

As for the articulation, well, I counted around 400 points I think.  No, really I would be here all day twisting and turning legs and other parts so we will just say YES instead of a giving a point number.


Now for accessories he comes with 2 smoke stacks that turn into shooting missile cannons. I guess they kind of resemble his gun, but they are not his gun so that’s kind of a bummer. At least he has something I guess.



Over all Optimus Prime, in my opinion, is 100% an adult toy. Even with instructions, he is super hard to transform. In robot mode however, this figure will display real nice. The detail is pretty good for this size of a transformer. So I guess my only gripe is the difficulty of the transformation, but that’s kind of a big deal considering that this is a Transfomer. So today I'm going to rate it in 2 different ways…one for kids and another for adults.

 Kids -  $ out of $$$$$

 Adults -  $$$ out of $$$$$

 Review written by Scotty Cash


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TNTS Review: Transformers RotF Optimus Prime (Voyager Class)
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TNTS Review: Transformers RotF Optimus Prime (Voyager Class)
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TNTS Review: Transformers RotF Optimus Prime (Voyager Class)
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TNTS Review: Transformers RotF Optimus Prime (Voyager Class)
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