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Tuesday, August 20 2019 @ 10:00 AM CDT

DCUC Wave 12 Hi-Res Photos!

General News

Mattel sends along some hi-res images of the upcoming wave of DC Universe Classics figures! Click through for details and photos!

Below are images of DC Unvierse Classics wave 12, courtesy of Mattel. These are images of the original sculpts. Actual product may vary.

-Spectre (with glow in the dark skin!)
-Dr Mid-Nite
-Iron (with real metal parts!)
-Mary Marvel (with white chase version, image not available)
-Collect and Connect Darkseid

Wave 12 is expected to ship in Spring of 2010.


SpectreEclipsoDr. MidnightIron

CopperheadMary BastonDessadDarkseid C&C Figure

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