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Mattel Q&A Answers for 9/15/2009!

General News

Our buddy ToyGuru from Mattel has come through with answers to our first batch of questions! Click through to see what Mattel has for us this round!

1) It has been well documented how poorly the distribution of DCUC Wave 5 (Wal-Mart exclusive) was. There were many cities, and even some states that didn't get any distribution at all of this product, leaving MANY fans without the opportunity to purchase these great figures. With the excitement that the recent Gotham City 5 box set has generated at Wal-Mart, would Mattel be willing to work with Wal-Mart to re-release the Wave 5 figures in a similar box set?

We are looking at bringing back characters from Wave 5, but have not confirmed exactly how or when quite yet. We  are well aware of fan demand and we’re working on it.

2)Infinite Heroes Crisis series seems like it's wrapping up with the release of the Monitor and Anti-Monitor. Is it? Is another series in the works? And will my Anti-Monitor points be good for anything else since I wasn't able to go to San Diego ?

As announced at SDCC 2008, the points were only good for the raffle at SDCC 2009.

3) We have really enjoyed the bonus accessories with MOTUC figures, such as the 200x Sword and the Warrior Ring. Will we see more bonus accessories such as these down the road? And, can you give us a hint as to how many?

Now that would be telling! Not every figure will have one, but they will sneak in now and then.

4) I like having the leaders(King Randor, Skeletor, Hodak ect), are there plans to make or when can we expect King Hiss, Sorceress, or Queen Marlena?

We do plan on getting to these figures in time, but a lot of the leaders will be spread out over the course of the line. Don’t expect them all in one year!

5)  Since we pretty much have a good base of figure parts, when will see characters that share these parts like Stinkor and Ninjor? And since Trapjaw will be released next year will we see Man-E-Faces or Roboto in the near future?

We can’t comment on exact release dates for any unreleased figures, but Trap Jaw has definitely gotten us closer to Man-E-Faces and Roboto.

6)  Now that we know we will get at least 1-2 NA and POP figures this year, will these figures be incorporated as "Bonus" figures or will they be part of the Subscription? And if they are "Bonus" figures, is it possible that we will see more than 2 from each brand?

The plan is for at least 1 POP and NA character to be in the main monthly figures in 2010. As for the bonus figures, it is way to early to comment on how many we will produce..

7)  Any plans to change the packaging style of MOTUC to include the re-sealable blister bubble similar to what you have done with Egon and the Green Lantern 3-pack?

No, we will not be adding this. This was special for the SDCC items only.

8) Is there a possibility of seeing other different repaints like Battle Armor Skeletor and Hurricane Hordak since they seem easy to do?

These would be good refreshes of the main characters!  Time will tell.

9) The Pixar Cars line continues to push out new product but thus far has offered very few items for storing or transporting vehicles. Are any new items in the works?

Currently in the 2009 line there are the following items that are ideal for storing and transporting CARs vehicles. They are:

        -The new Lightyear Launchers that just hit retail shelves. They are a launcher, a display case and a storage case all in one!

        -The Mack carrying case that is a full-size truck that also holds over 20 die cast cars

10) What can Mattel tell us about the upcoming WWE figures? Scale (please no HBK’s the same size as Undertaker!)? Articulation? Accessories? Price?

A lot of collector love went into these figures. We’ll have all the info in October!


A very special thanks to ToyGuru and Mattel for taking the time to answer our questions! ThatNewToySmell.com will continue to participate in Mattel's Bi-Monthly Q&A! If you have querstions that you want to ask, be sure to sign up for our Forums and post them! We will take care of sending them to Mattel to be answered!