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Mattel Q&A Answers for 10/1/2009

General News

Mattel has sent along answers to our questions once again! Click through to read what they have to say!


1) Any chance for an Infinite Heroes build a figure in the DCUC scale for some of the larger characters but retaining the look and feel of IH?

No plans at this time.

2) Any chance of vehicles or playsets for the IH line? I'd love a Batmobile, Batcave, Hall of Justice, etc. ?

We asked fans about this and in all the fan polls there was very littler interest in vehicles so we scraped out plans. If this changes and there is renewed interest we’d love to relook at these plans.

3) Any chance of seeing any of the harder to find figures from the Batman and Superman lines that pre-dated DCUC? I would love to get a second chance at figures such as the Two-Face with the white/black suit.

Yes, we are looking at re-releasing these figures over time.

4) Will we see any version of the Pixar Cars comic book characters from Boom studios appearing toy form or perhaps a new line similar to the Mini Adventures?

No, we will not have any characters from the comic book, however in 2010 we will have all new characters based on the Disney Pixar Cars Toons interstitials, such as from Tokyo Mater, Rescue Squad Mater, Monster Truck Mater, etc.

5) Any steps forward in a line of toys based on Disney/Pixar Incredibles?

Not at this time.

6) Are there any toy lines Mattel is currently looking to acquire the rights to? (Thunderctas?!?)

We are always looking at many new toy lines but can not discuss until deals are signed.

7) Army builder packs have been mentioned for MOTUC already. What about sidekicks? Could we see a pack that includes characters such as Orko or Kowl any time soon?

We announced at SDCC that Orko will indeed be coming in 2010.

8) We have Adora on the way, and She-Ra is also said to be coming this year. So, when do we get Swift Wind? She needs him just like He-Man needs Battle Cat!

We’ll have to see how Battlecat performs before commenting further rides!

9) Is the Map of Eternia poster coming to us folded or rolled up? Some fans might be concerned about having creases in the poster.

It will be folded and shipped with Wun-dar.

10) Are there any plans to make "Snake Mountain" styled figure stands that we can use for the bad guys? Or will all of the stands be Grayskull themed?

We’ll have to see how the first stands do before commenting on any other stands.

Special thanks to ToyGuru at Mattel for taking the time to answer our questions. Be sure to head on over to our forums to discuss these answers and ask more!