Mattel Q&A Answers for 10/15/2009

Thursday, October 15 2009 @ 02:35 PM CDT

Contributed by: Pixel Dan

Mattel has once again sent aswers to our ongoing toy questions! Click through to read what they have to say!

1) Does the Marvel/Disney merger mean no more Disney/Pixar Cars? Or perhaps we might see a Captain AmeriCar or Spider Van in the future?

We do not have access to any Marvel characters for our Disney/Pixar lines.

2) Assuming that Ghostbusters is a smash with fans, is there any plans to produce an Ecto-1 for the line?

In time, this is something we would like to get to.

3) Is there any chance of bringing back the Bravestarr line as a MattyCollector Exclusive?

Not at this time. But don't cout out some other vintage Mattel lines...

4) How long until we see an Infinite Heroes Hall of Justice, Watchtower, JLA Satellite, or Batcave playset?

We polled fans when the IH line first came out and there was very little interest in playsets. If this changes, we’d love to relook at them.

5) Superman/Batman Public Enemies seem to be getting their own Infinite Heroes 3 pack. Is this just a promotion like the Gotham Knights 3 pack or is the Crisis line over and the future of the line more storyline specific subsets?

The Public Enemies line at Target will consist of 2 Infinite Heroes scale 3 packs, one Infinite Heroes 6 pack and eight 6” figures.

6) Is there any idea on whether or not we will see a MOTUC 2-Pack or army builder pack this coming year, 2010?

It is too early to make that call. We need to see how other bonus figures and Battlecat perform before announcing anything else beyond basic figures per month.

7) Will future females in the MOTUC suffer from the same fragile neck peg? Swapping heads is a tad scary.

The joint is actually very sturdy. Until we hear of actual breaking, we do not want to use a larger peg as that would limit articulation. If this actually becomes a problem we will make needed changes.

8) Will future female figures in MOTUC have softer or maybe even rubberized clothing/dresses? The lack of waist articulation and inability to sit down is a bit dissapointing for some fans.

Yes, we actually do want a softer plastic used going forward.

9) Will the New Adventures figures have the same build as the current figures, or will they be more of a more realistic build like the original line?

Yes, all the figures in the Classics line will have the same scale and basic look.

Special thanks to ToyGuru at Mattel for taking the time to answer our questions. Be sure to head on over to our forums to discuss these answers and ask more!

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