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Wednesday, October 16 2019 @ 10:49 AM CDT

Mattel Q&A Answers for 11/1/2009

General News

Once again, our friend ToyGuru at Mattel has gone out of his way to answer some questions from our forum members! Click through to check them out!

1) If MOTUC is an overwhelming success would it be possible, down the line, to produce a Castle Grayskull

It might take a movie year for that.

2) Any chances of seeing some more ghosts to go along with the 6-inch Ghostbusters?

Yes, yes indeed. Stay tuned.

3) When Mekaneck comes, will the neck extending action feature still exist?

He will likely get a second head with interchangeable neck pieces.

4) Mattel's had success with bring back Masters of the Universe Classics? Any more classic Mattel lines able to return? How about Computer Warriors?!

Wow, a request for Computer Warriors?!? Sorry, no plans yet, but we do have thoughts on other vintage Mattel toys.

5) Will we get a MOTUC Disco Skeletor? :)

We would only do this if there was a huge amount of fan demand. We’d rather put our energies into other figure choices since the original was not really a collector figure but more of a kid friendly repaint. Is this really something fans are looking for?