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Sunday, October 21 2018 @ 07:19 PM CDT

That New Toy Smell 16 - More Friday the 13th Toys!

That New Toy Smell!

DiRT is showing off MORE Friday the 13th toys as a follow up to the episode he produced earlier this year on another Friday the 13th. But first, DiRT and Pixel Dan run down some of the more exciting toy news this week and then end the episode with about 12 minutes discussing different parts of DiRT's Friday the 13th collection and 8 more minutes answering YOUR questions! It's almost 40 minutes of goodness!


So, do you still like the new format? We want your feedback! Head on over to our forums and make a post, or add a comment here to tell us what you think! And don't forget, there will be a new episode of That New Toy Smell! every Saturday!


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That New Toy Smell 16 - More Friday the 13th Toys!
Authored by: baronterror onSaturday, November 14 2009 @ 06:18 AM CST

Loved the new episode, love the new format.  I think it's great that you are going for (and succeding at) a show like format rather than just reviews, though reviews are bread and butter and always highly anticipated.  Of course if it werent for your obvious passion and yes, Charisma, it may not work, but you've taken it to the next level.  It's great to see this direction, and I'm overjoyed that it's working so well, (and not just a little glad that it's still being filmed in Killen Enterprises, love looking at that store, especially since I'll probably never get to walk through it myself, hehe.)

Keep it up, I hope this longer format doesnt burn you out, but as long as you have something to say and are happy to say it, take your time and let them be as long as they are going to be.

Till next episode.


Ps, You should consider doing reviews of some of the items that Killen has for sale.  Consider it an interesting service.  Not even neccessarily on TNTS, but maybe eventually one of the many different media you are releasing.   A quick 60 second mention now and again about things we just dont know are availible and might be neat to know exisit there.  I dont know, maybe I'm crazy, but I've noticed that every specialty store seems to have some pretty neat things that dont quite grab the average person there, but then there's like that one special person that would just die if they knew it existed, or where.  

That and I wouldnt mind a "Killen commercial" on specifics in addition to the reminder that he has shite for sale and where to find it.  I like "adds" to spark my imagination or nostalgia rather than browsing through webistes and hoping to find something, or just browsing.  And I think it would help and be kinda cool.  Push that Show format as well.  Sponsorship moments, like in the golden age of tv.

That New Toy Smell 16 - More Friday the 13th Toys!
Authored by: Vinto-Man onSaturday, November 14 2009 @ 02:09 PM CST

Totally loved this episode and im not even a horror fan.  i kept looking to the masters of the universe figures beside Dan to see what they were lol.  Keep these episodes up and love the banter between you all!  Keep up the work and thanks for doing all these shows!

That New Toy Smell 16 - More Friday the 13th Toys!
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That New Toy Smell 16 - More Friday the 13th Toys!
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That New Toy Smell 16 - More Friday the 13th Toys!
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That New Toy Smell 16 - More Friday the 13th Toys!
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That New Toy Smell 16 - More Friday the 13th Toys!
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