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Wednesday, April 26 2017 @ 05:01 AM CDT

Masters of the Universe Classics Reissue He-Man Review

MOTU Reviews

Pixel Dan takes a look at the brand new Reissued version of MOTUC He-Man, comparing him to the already released version. Is it worth dropping your money on another He-Man? Check out the video to see!

Don't forget, Reissue He-Man goes on sale today, November 16th, at www.MattyCollector.com! Don't miss out on He-Man again! Head over there now!


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Masters of the Universe Classics Reissue He-Man Review
Authored by: baronterror onMonday, November 16 2009 @ 04:25 AM CST

only forgot one thing.  evidentally the re-issue isnt nearly as glossy as the original.   I thought I could tell from your video, but evidentally if you're holding it, it doesn't jump out at you, but I checked my original and boy, it is pretty glossy.  But I tell myself that the "oiled up" He-Man is traditional body builder look.  hehe,

I have to say I'd like to replace mine now but...I cant have two of the (basically) same He-Mans.  Oh well, at least mine is the original, and those with the new one can say at least ours is "fixed".

Nice review.  I particularly liked them staring each other down when compairing the opposite shoulders.  He-Man smack down.

ps.  Just realized the second He-Man can be "Faker in He-Man mode" which I always assumed he could take.

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