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Sunday, December 16 2018 @ 10:26 AM CST

That New Toy Smell Episode 17 featuring Manglors

That New Toy Smell!

Pixel Dan and co-host Killen are back with episode 17 of That New Toy Smell! In this episode, the guys discuss Mattel's announcement to carry DC Universe Classics on MattyCollector.com, several fan questions are answered, and a video review of The Manglors by Devall is presented!

As always, please let us know what you think! Post a comment here or head over to our forums! And don't forget, there will be a new episode of That New Toy Smell every Saturday!

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That New Toy Smell Episode 17 featuring Manglors
Authored by: baronterror onSunday, November 22 2009 @ 05:24 AM CST

I owned one when I was like, 3, and let me tell you the tear apart feature worked pretty dang good.  when the manglor was fresh, and you really tried to line up the tear and press hard, it stuck very to pretty well.  Thing was that you couldnt really stretch him very far afterward without the old tear seperating, but it was my recolection you could even then stretch a pre-torn limb far enough to get the idea of a stretch.

THe mountain was great because his slime bath "reinvigorated" him.  I dont know, maybe it rehydrated the manglor, or re-stiky-fied it.  But there was a suggestion (in the instructions I belive, or I'm crazy and made this up) that you soak him in the manglava after a tear and reattach to help the tear reseal even more strongly.  Let me tell you...it worked pretty dang good.

I never had anything but the Manglor Mountain and the Manglord, and at that age just tearing the guy up and putting him back together, "drowning" or "Lava-ing" him in the cage was all the play factor you needed.  Dont forget, oh collector about my age, that toys were just fun to play with, alone or whatever, and that something you were suppposed to destroy, that could basically fix itself was fun enough.  You know you froze GI joes or Starwars figures in water to recreat Han in Carbonite, or whatever nefarious thing you could think of, now and again.  Manglors excelled at this.

Sometimes a ball is just a ball to bounce, and wacky wall crawler just crawls along walls, a paddle ball paddles...and a Manglor is Mangled.  They ruled.  If only I knew the recipe for whatever they were made of, I'd make new ones!  hehe.


Thanks, great episode, but Killen...Ease up!  I belive you were joking through most of that episode...but then again, I'm not sure.  ;)