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Sunday, December 16 2018 @ 08:34 AM CST

It Figures!: The Toy And Action Figure Podcast Episode 26

It Figures Podcast

Pixel Dan, Killen, and Scotty Cash join together to discuss their excitement over Thanksgiving and Black Friday! Also, have you seen “Turtles Forever” yet? Listen in for the gang’s opinion on the radical special!

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It Figures!: The Toy And Action Figure Podcast Episode 26
Authored by: baronterror onFriday, November 27 2009 @ 02:24 AM CST

Great show.  Glad to hear so many of you all together.

Quick question, since Scareglow is so crapped up for a number of people.  I have one on the way, and perhaps Pixel Dan can answer this...   My Teela came, but the Zoar left wing was faulty.  The plastic that wrapped around the hinge joint in the wing was torn.  Sadly, I have no idea what to do for this.  Who do I call?  Email?  ect?  I assume they'd send a replacement.  If my Scareglow is missing something I really gotta take care of this.  Any info is greatly appreciated, as much as possible!

Oh, and completely great about comic preadator vs movie preadator.  Total typical writer need to over power comic versions of movie character to make the comic seem more important than the source material.  Usually fail.