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Sunday, April 21 2019 @ 08:01 PM CDT

Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk: Genghis Frog


Suine Hallock is back with a brand new Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk! In this week's installment, we get a look at Punk Frogs from the swamps of Florida: Genghis Frog! Click through to check him out!



Thanks for joining me again for another column of RADICAL RETRO TURTLE TOY TALK! This week we will be visiting with the awesome amphibious amigo of the Turtles, Genghis Frog!

Genghis is one of the four Punk Frogs, along with Attila the Frog, Napoleon Bonafrog, and Rasputin the Mad Frog. In the 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, these four frogs from Florida were mutated to humanoid form by the same mutagen that created the Ninja Turtles. Initially, the Punk Frogs sided with Shredder, who had convinced them that he was a hero fighting the tyrannical Turtles. However, after eventually seeing Shredder for the shrewd shyster he is, the Punk Frogs made peace with the Green Teens and the eight became fast friends. The 1987 cartoon would be the only series in which the Punk Frogs appeared. In 1989, Genghis Frog, followed later by Napoleon Bonafrog, became one of the only two Punk Frogs to get an action figure.

The first things one probably notices when seeing Genghis Frog are his loud, bright colors, which surely grabbed the attention of kids browsing the toy aisles. The grinning Genghis’s green skin has a bumpy texture to give him a warty appearance.  As you would expect from any Florida surfer dude from the 80s, Genghis comes clad in an unbuttoned blue Aloha shirt with yellow markings, as well as a pair of yellow and maroon JAMS. Around his neck and left wrist, Genghis wears his yellow swamp-made swag, and on his right wrist, he sports a maroon watch.

The articulation points on Genghis Frog are basically the same ones as those on most of the other figures from the first Playmates TMNT line. He has two ball-jointed hips, as well as circular rotation for his two shoulders and wrists. Like a lot of the other characters from the line, Genghis has a hunchbacked posture. Because of this, his head does not move left and right quite like other figures. You can only rotate his head so far in either direction before you start to turn his head upside down.

Now for my favorite part, the accessories! Genghis Frog’s gear includes his Beach Bandolier, four Cola Can Grenades, Radical Razor-sharp Boogie Board, Surfin’ Shades, and Tongue Gun. The Beach Bandolier is a black belt that has four slots to hold each of Genghis’s Cola Can Grenades. Genghis can easily hold his grenades in either of his hands, but like I mentioned with Ace Duck’s Egg Grenades last week, these are parts that can get lost pretty easily. So unless I’m actually playing with them, the Grenades stay safely in the Bandolier.


The Radical Razor-sharp Boogie Board serves as a shield for Genghis. The Boogie Board has a handle on the top side that slides perfectly into either of his hands, enabling him to wield it defensively, while attacking with his Tongue Gun. The Tongue Gun is exactly what it sounds like; a handgun with a protruding tongue. The gun barrel has a pair of lips on the end. The tongue part can slide back and forth, through the lips by pushing and pulling the other end of the plastic tongue part coming out of the back of the gun. This creates the effect of the tongue extending out of the gun to give the Foot Clan a much deserved tongue lashing!




The Surfin’ Shades that Genghis Frog comes with do rest nicely on his head if you are simply standing him up. Unfortunately, the shades can also be another easily lost part as they do not snap on, hug his face, or do anything else to stay on. So, if you are planning to play around with Genghis, put his shades in a safe place first. It’s kind of a pain, but not really a big deal. After all, frogs don’t have ears, so I guess it’s all one can expect!

Aside from some hard parts to keep up with, there’s really no going wrong with Genghis Frog. The figure himself looks great and plays great, the latter of which is one of my most important points to consider when evaluating a toy. If you have any questions for, comments on, or criticisms of Genghis, my column, or me, I am not a hard guy to find over at the VGLosers.com forums. My name is Suine Hallock, and Genghis and I thank you for checking us out in this week’s RADICAL RETRO TURTLE TOY TALK!

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