Mattel Q&A Answers for 12/1/2009

Tuesday, December 01 2009 @ 04:25 PM CST

Contributed by: Pixel Dan

Our friend ToyGuru from Mattel has once again taken the time to answer some of our questions! Click through to see what Matty has for us this time!

1) Any idea if there is going to be a completely new sculpt for the release of MOTUC Prince Adam (different build and features) like the 200x series, or will it be a modified MOTUC He-Man base model?

In time we are looking to do both.

2) On facebook you said that you had a packaged Battlecat but the package was damaged, when will we see him in his package?

Once we get a correct package in!

3) With the success of the MOTU Art book, will there be another one at any stage?

Not as this time.  This was a one time offer.

4) Any possibility of a 3 3/4" set of MOTU figures and playsets at some point?

Very cool suggestion but nothing is planned right now.

5) We understand we probably won't get any castles unless a movie comes out, but is there any chance of vehicles like the Battle Ram, Attack Track, or Wind Raider?

We’ll have to see how Battle Cat performs before committing to anything larger or more tooling intensive like a vehicle. Vehicles are also tough since they can only be used once vs. Battle Cat which can also be reissued as Panthor and Clawdeen.

A very special thanks to ToyGuru from Mattel for taking the time to answer our questions! If you have your own questions you wish to ask Mattel, head on over to our forums and ask away! Questions are due by 12/15!

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