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Mattel Q&A Answers for 12/15/2009

General News

Our good friend ToyGuru from Mattel has once again taken the time to answer questions from our forum! Click through to see this round's answers!

1) With some collectors leaving their figures unopened, will you be doing Kronis in the card as well as Trap-Jaw? It would be nice to have them both to display.

That would be a cool idea for a released, but for the initial release in February, the Kronis head and arm will be packed out to the bottom of the Trap Jaw figure.

2) Now that the Dark Knight Movie Masters figures are heading to shelves thanks to Toys R Us, any plans on bringing some of the other Matty Exclusive lines to the shelves like this?

This was a very rare exception due to the blockbuster nature of the Dark Knight film.

3) We understand that we will (sadly) not be getting any new MOTU mini comics soon, but what are the chances of a graphic novel or a series of graphic novels made up of the original mini comics? Or a book piecing together the new storyline you have in place for the Classics line?

We are well aware of fan demand for projects like this, but it is just not something we can work on right now. We’re putting all of our efforts into making great figures!

4) Now that we are getting the Dark Knight Movie Masters at Toys R Us, will they include more accessories such as the "Evidence" that used to be included?

No, they will be the same figures as sold on Mattycollector.com. The huge success of the blockbuster film allowed a unique opportunity to also bring these figures to retail.

5) Can you put the word in that Pixel Dan really wants a Mosquitor figure?

Happy to, but I can confirm he is not in the cards anytime soon. We will get to this key member of the Evil Horde eventually though!

If you want to ask your own question for Mattel to answer, head on over to our forums and post your question today! A very special thanks to Mattel for taking the time to do this!