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Sunday, February 17 2019 @ 07:05 AM CST

Radical Retro Turtle Toy Talk: Scumbug


Suine Hallock returns with the sixth installment of Radical Retro Turtle Talk! Today, we get a look at the nasty bug known as Scumbug! Click through to check him out!



What’s up, folks? Glad to have you here for yet another session of RADICAL RETRO TURTLE TOY TALK! Let me ask you something. How would you like it if you worked for a cable company, and when you went to install a customer’s cable, there was a puddle of retromutagen ooze around the TV set that caused you to mutate into a giant receiver box? Well, that’s pretty much exactly what happened to this week’s subject. Only, replace the term “cable company” with “exterminator service,” and the term “giant receiver box” with “humongous freaking roach by the name of Scumbug!”

After a mutagen-based mishap while providing pest control for the Technodrome, this bad-lucked bug bomber turned into the puke-inducing Periplaneta Americana you see before you. Scumbug was a part of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles toy line, making his plastic debut in 1990. Aside from appearing in the 1987 TV series and in the Archie comic book, Scumbug did not show up in any other Turtle continuities.

Scumbug’s scary sculpt is part of what makes him a really unique figure compared to others in the original TMNT toy line. Most of the mutant characters are basically anthropomorphic versions of various animals, but Scumbug is actually a hideous hybrid of human and insect. While Scumbug has mostly converted to roach form, there are remnants of his human body still intact. For instance, his right arm is still his original human flesh color, but has spiky extensions beginning to burst through it. Additionally, on his left side, purple claws have seemingly popped out of his arm and leg where a human hand and foot used to be.

 Scumbug’s entire body is riddled with roaches, both on the tattered remains of his work uniform, and all over his insect epidermis. Beneath his shredded shirt, Scumbug has the beginnings of new appendages growing out. Busting out of his back is a pair of wings common to roaches, which act more as a natural armor than an implement for flight.

However, the creepiest part of Scumbug has got to be that horrible head of his. Just look at it! With that freaky face, Scumbug’s nasty noggin is the stuff of nightmares! Despite believing that he’s just an action figure, one can almost feel Scumbug’s buggy bloodshot eyes penetrating you. Protruding from the top of his mouth are two massive mandibles, and extending from the top of his head are a pair of yellow antennae.

Scumbug has a total of eight points of articulation, consisting of two ball-jointed hips, swiveling neck, shoulders, right wrist, & left forearm, and a loosely hinged jaw. The first seven joints are typical to most of the original TMNT figures and allow for an okay amount of mobility, but Scumbug’s hinge-jointed jaw is what makes him really unique. The jaw actually serves as an action feature! If you grip Scumbug by his antennae and quickly move his head from side to side, his jaw clacks against the collar of his shirt, creating a disgusting chattering sound, like what you might hear from an actual insect.

The grotesque gear that Scumbug comes with includes a Bug Pack, three pieces of Hose Assembly, a Turtle Exterminating Gun, and four Roach Companions (not the official name). The Bug Pack contains a chemical known only as Turtle Kill and fits, via a peg, into a hole in Scumbug’s back. The two shorter pieces of Hose Assembly attach on the left and right sides of the Bug Pack and go over Scumbug’s shoulders to connect to two holes in his upper chest. The third and longest Hose Assembly piece attaches to either side of the lower part of the Bug Pack and connects to the Turtle Exterminating Gun. The four Roach Companions, as I have unofficially named them, can hang onto various places on Scumbug, but do not fit, clip, or snap onto him tightly, so make sure you keep an eye on these four pieces, as I can see these disappearing pretty easily.

Well, there you have Scumbug in all of his glorious grossness. If there is anything you would like to know or say about Scumbug or any other Turtle topic, look me up on the forums at ThatNewToySmell.com, as I’m always up for meeting fellow Turtle fanatics for a little RADICAL RETRO TURTLE TOY TALK! Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you there!


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