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Wednesday, January 16 2019 @ 05:14 AM CST

Masters of the Universe Classics Adora Review

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Pixel Dan reviews the first Princess of Power figure to hit the MOTU Classics toy line! Check out the figure that kicks of MOTUC in 2010: Adora!

A very speciali thanks to our friends at Mattel for the review sample. Adora goes on sale Friday, January 15th at www.MattyCollector.com! Also, be sure to head on over to www.He-Man.org for the latest news and info on the MOTU Classics toy line! And stay tuned, as Pixel Dan has 3 more MOTU Classics reviews coming this week!!

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Masters of the Universe Classics Adora Review
Authored by: the chuck onTuesday, January 12 2010 @ 08:00 PM CST

Oh my God,  Great review Pixel Dan.  I so want this figure.   Glad you were able to do a review before the 15th.    I knew there was mention that Mattel was not sending out review samples of this figure.   What an awesome figure.