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Wednesday, January 16 2019 @ 05:08 AM CST

Mattel Q&A Answers for 1/15/2010

General News

Our friends at Mattel have once again taken the time to answer some of our questions! Click through to check out the answers!

1)Any announcements on the future of Infinite Heroes? When will we more characters with the new articulation style?

Yes, all future figures will have increased articulation, paint ops and accessories. We should have more to show fans at NYFT in February 2010!

2) Clearly Mattel has the rights to make figures of Batman Beyond/Terry McGinnis. Is there a possibility of seeing any other characters (Blight, Inque, Stalker) from the Batman Beyond series in figure format from any of the Mattel DC toy lines?

Yes, and we do have plans...

3) With Evil Lyn being named as the April figure, when will the rest of the years line-up be unveiled?

More 2010 figures will be shown at Collector Night on February 14th at New York Toy Fair.

4) Will Wun-Dar be shipping in February or March with the eternia map as it stated at SDCC that it would ship before March?

The plan is for Wun-Dar and the map are slated to ship in February!

5) I'd say that the He-Man and Skeletor reissues were a success. We know Beastman is on his way back. That said, is there any info on future MOTUC reissues? (Please say Stratos and King Grayskull!)

Yes, we do have plans to re-release some of the 2009 figures, but not all. Grayskull should be out again on a single card but not until the end of 2010. He will, however, have slight paint and accessory changes to differentiate him from the SDCC release!

Special thanks to Scott "ToyGuru" Neitlich! If you have questions you want to ask Mattel, post them over in our forums!




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Mattel Q&A Answers for 1/15/2010
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