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Welcome to That New Toy Smell
Monday, October 21 2019 @ 04:26 PM CDT

About Us

At That New Toy Smell!, we are dedicated to delivering entertaining toy reviews and features to the collector community. We focus primarily on creating videos to do this. We feel that delivering a toy review via video gives the interested party a much closer and more personal look at the action figure that a written review and photos can’t always deliver. We take pride in being among the few who completely focus on videos when it comes to our toy coverage.

We initially started the site to host our monthly show, titled “That New Toy Smell!” This show is still our main series on the site. It focuses on the world of toy collecting, with every episode discussing toy lines from the past and present, and even taking a look into the collections of the collectors.

The site began to evolve as more viewers began visiting the page. We now have expanded past just the monthly episode of “That New Toy Smell!” into making standalone video reviews of vintage and current toys, a weekly podcast dedicated to toy collecting called “It Figures!,” and even a show completely dedicated to toys based off of video games called “From Pixels to Plastic!”

Our videos have already been featured on many popular websites, including He-Man.org, Figures.com, RetrowareTV.com, ScrewAttack.com, and more! We’re constantly working hard to bring more content to the site to keep it growing. We currently have a new video update almost daily! We strive to become the source for video reviews and features in the world of toy collecting!

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