Pixel Dan

  • Age: 27

  • Hometown: Springfield, Eternia

  • Favorite Toy Line: Masters of the Universe

  • Favorite Toy Companies: Mattel, Neca, Hasbro

  • Favorite Cartoons: He-Man (classic and 2002), Captain N

  • Favorite Video Game: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

  • Favorite Collection Piece: Come back to me on this one...

  • Guilty Pleasure: Toys from Pokemon and Animal Crossing



  • Age: 31

  • Hometown: Planet Thundera

  • Favorite Toy Line: Bravestarr

  • Favorite Toy Company: Hot Toys

  • Favorite Cartoon: The Real Ghostbusters

  • Favorite Video Game: Lunar: The Silver Star

  • Favorite Collection Piece: Original Vehicle Force VOLTRON

  • Guilty Pleasure: Scrubs..and collecting My Little Ponies



  • Age: 32

  • Place of Origin: The Hole

  • Tastiest Toy Line: DC Infinite Heroes

  • Smelliest Toy Company: Mattel

  • Least Hated Cartoon: The Batman

  • Most Played Video Game: Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection

  • Most Eaten Pieces: M.U.S.C.L.E.

  • Guilty Pleasures: Yes please!


Scotty Cash

  • Age: 28

  • Hometown: Str8 from your momma's house

  • Favorite Toy Line: MOTU and MMPR

  • Favorite Toy Company: Mattel and McFarlane

  • Favorite Cartoon: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

  • Favorite Video Game: Wrestlemania 2000 (N64)

  • Guilty Pleasure: Playing with GI Joes in the bathtub



  • Age: 29

  • Hometown: Legoland Springfield

  • Favorite Toy Line: LEGO!

  • Favorite Toy Company: LEGO!

  • Favorite Cartoon: Adult Swim Lineup

  • Favorite Video Game: Romance Three Kingdoms (most koei titles)

  • Favorite Collection Piece: Still working to find my holy grail...

  • Guilty Pleasure: Selling my toys just to re-buy them cheaper.


That New Toy Smell